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History of website

2019 June 06

Added a download with wget.exe and libeay32.dll.

2019 June 04

Added an option to send observations to find_orbit (command line option fo=path_to_find_orbit).

2018 December 28

Added the file errorlist.html to output, which contains only the errors. Useful, if you have many observations.

2018 November 30

Low regressions at RA vs Dec and RA/DEC vs time don't followed now by an error indicator, when it's only a small arc.

2018 July 16

Added h:m:s output, correction of position angle for negative declinations, use regression as error indicator.

2018 July 15

Time accuracy set down to 5 digits, if motion slower than 7 arcsec/min.

2018 July 14

Report at command line shortened.

2018 July 13

Introducing the checklist.pos file for a check with only positions.

2018 July 12

Blocks with stacked and no-stacked positions for an object in one night are seperated into two blocks.

2018 July 11

Limit of position to 1.0 arcsec (resp. square root in both axis) and 1.0 mag for magnitudes.

2018 July 10

Added motion in arcsec/minutes.

2018 July 09

Added a table with length of observations etc.

2018 July 08

Setup of website.

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