Check MPC report

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Check your MPC report


This software can be used to check your position report to MPC as 80-columns punch card format.

At themoment, there is no support for the ADES format.

The intention is not to manipulate the data, but remeasuring the data or don't send stupid data to the MPC.


The program is freeware at the moment. I take no guarantee for anything. You use it at your own risk. It's a Windows command line program.

You start the program by typing

   check filename
at your command line. The filename must contain the report. All lines, which are not 80 bytes long and do not contains points, where points must be, will be ignored. So you must not extract the position lines, but can take the full report file.

The output for all positions is written as html file in checklist.html. You can view the file by typing

   start checklist.html
at your command line or load it using your browser.

If you want only to see the errors (useful, if you have many observations), do the same with errorlist.html.

I propose you to write a batch with starting check and then starting the html file into your browser.

Addition for find_orbit users

If you use find_orbit, you can copy the files fo32.exe and totaljson.exe (both included in the ZIP archive) into the folder of find_orbit and use one of the following syntax (32 or 64 bit system):

   check.exe fo=path\find_o32.exe filename
   check.exe fo=path\find_o64.exe filename

path is the path to the find_orbit directory (fo32.exe must be in this directory!), e.g. e:\mpc. It's not a so good idea to copy check.exe also into the find_orbit directory, because with this syntax check downloads for each object the complete observations from MPC into one file for this objects and the find_orbit folder will be soon very full.

Now the program check.exe checks for each object the residuals in the orbit using find_orbits fo32.exe and analyzing them with totaljson.exe. If the maximum residual is greater 1.0 arcsec (or fo32.exe ends with a crash), the Windows version of find_orbit starts with the latest years and observations of this object to check the residuals. Sometimes there is only one observation off or many other observations are not used (toggled off) due to long time distribution. Then you must toggle those obseravtions on and mostly the residuals are OK. I propose you not to erase single observation, but remeasuring them.


You can download just the program itself (if you have the other files) or the ZIP archive (at first download) with athe accompanying wget.exe and a dll file. You should save it anywhere at your disc. You must know the directory to start it or save it in a PATH directory of your Windows system.

Donations & Newsletter

You can support me for the costs of hosting, if you donate (also very small amounts) to Paypal.
Please give as the subject "check" and the following possible additional data.
If you give at the subject of the donation your e-mail address, I'll store it and set it to the Newsletter.
You will only receive an e-mail if there are important changes at the program.
If you write at the subject of your donation a name or/and link and "publish"; I set your name to the list of supporters at this website (only then, otherwise only as an anonymous number). I'll not publish your amount of donation.

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